David Borah

-| CEO | Founder | Inventor | Digital Strategy | Solutions Expert |-

I attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL and graduated in August 2012 with a bachelors degree in Business Administration from the Warrington College of Business. I scored in the top 1% upon graduation for the national ETS major field business exam.

After graduation I decided to stay in the Gainesville area and began working in the energy industry selling natural gas and electricity contracts to customers in FL, GA, NY,  NJ, and TX.  After a few years in the energy industry I started moving into the digital scene while working for a computer training center in Gainesville, FL.

While managing the CRM software for the computer training center I decided to try and create a digital  "natural gas" energy brokerage website called Gas-Hopper.com. The skills and abilities that I learned while building and branding "Gas Hopper Inc" were an important stepping stone in my life that acted as a gateway bridge into the "digital marketing" industry.

Shortly after the Gas Hopper Inc website was operational, I was referred by a friend to come interview for a fast growing technology startup that built and sells their SaaS marketing automation software called Sharpspring.

I could immediately see the enormous growth potential for this company and the industry as a whole and decided to put Gas Hopper on the back burner while I started immersing myself in learning everything I could about the "digital marketing" industry.

After working for this technology startup for 18 months I was able to translate my new found digital skills and expertise into a new company called KPI Digital Services LLC.

KPI Digital Services was founded on the notion that automation software, when used correctly, can be the backbone on which many additional business processes can be integrated, analyzed, and streamlined for increased operational efficiency for the business unit as a whole.

In May of this year I stumbled upon a new idea for a company and decided to take this idea and run. I went to NYC in June and started my quest for greatness and I've never looked back. Please visit COSMIC PHOENIX WORLD  or PIXEL ECLIPSE INC or PIXEL ECLIPSE TV for my newest and most exciting companies! You can also read my story here on Medium.

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